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My Biggest Style Secret

One simple style tip changed everything for me! I went from standing in front of my closet for hours to selecting my outfit in minutes! Not only do I now spend less time getting ready, I actually feel more pulled together and more confident than I ever did before! Want to know the secret?

It's as easy as 1-2-3! And, the best part? You can seriously go to your closet right now (well, finish reading this first), and immediately start utilizing this simple style tip! I call it the 1-2-3 Method, because it's literally three steps!

Step One: The Foundation We all have them! Those basic staple pieces that make up the foundation of our wardrobe. Think solid, neutral colors in simple styles - a black, white, or gray tee; an ivory blouse; a navy top.

Step Two: The Layering Piece

Now that you've chosen your foundation piece, the second step is selecting your layering piece. No worries, friend, it's an easy step, so don't let it stress you out! Simply choose a vest, sweater, kimono, shawl, cardigan, blazer, jacket, etc to wear over your foundation piece. This is where you can pull in color, pattern, and texture, so have fun with it! Step Three: The Accessories Your accessories - jewelry, scarves, belts, etc - are what really pull your entire outfit together and complete your look! Did you know that women who wear jewelry actually appear younger and more stylish than those who don't? Just a little trivia for you today! Choose 2-4 items that complement your outfit, such as a bracelet, scarf, and earrings or a necklace, earrings, and belt. You get the idea!

And, friends, that's all there is to it! I love this method because it's SO SIMPLE, and it works for everyone, any age, any shape, any size! You can literally start using it right now without having to spend hours shopping!

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